Are you struggling to improve your essay rewriting skills? Well, there are actually several ways to become a good listener. The ability to listen is already in us, and we just need to rediscover and improve it. I have two articles here that talks about English listening skill improvement. I think they would be helpful to individuals who are aiming to increase their chance in passing an English language proficiency test such as IELTS. Anyway, please check this out:

How to Improve Your English Listening Skills

As a rule, listening is one of the most significant components of effective communication in English. Listening is crucial when learning a language as complex as English especially if one is learning English as a second language. Learning to listen may sound simple and easy at the onset. However, students will soon realise it requires considerable mental energy and skill. It is especially true for non-native students learning English as a second language. Proper English listening is a vital requisite of developing speaking skills. The ability to listen to the language and reproduce and imitate those sounds contributes significantly to developing good speaking skills. To develop English listening needs rigorous practice just as one develops muscles in the body.

Of the four skills essential to learning a foreign language i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening, none requires more concentration and practice as listening. Via

Here is another fantastic post about improving listening skills, and how it can help you become successful in life. Please have a look:

Little-Known Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills And Be Successful In Life |

People are always moved by good speakers, marketers, politicians, celebrities and sport stars… After all, they command a certain air of respect and the people love listening to what they have to say.

However, they may also tend to overlook the importance of improving listening skills. With listening skills development, you can build better relationships and enhance your way of life.

Have you ever heard of the expression, “He’s all talk?” Well, it’s not something you’d like other people to say about you, that’s for sure! So maybe sometimes, it’s better to cease talking for a while and start putting in more effort to just listen. Via

It is my pleasure to provide you with more reading materials about improving listening skills. I would be sharing here some reading materials about IELTS tips and techniques, so please do keep yourself updated for my posts.

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