I used to dislike the effects of technology to people (especially as it relates to study skills) – I mean the undesirable effects. People communicate a lot but they don’t do it personally. They don’t socialize even if they are in the same room and instead they are busy with their gadgets. Human interaction, which is very important, is gradually diminishing. That side of technology is one that I don’t like, However, to be perfectly honest there are quite a number of benefits offered by technology especially to students. I believe that it is actually the misuse of technology that is causing a problem. Technology has a lot to offer, it makes things easier and faster. It offers a wide variety of entertainment as well as educational tools. There are quite a number of apps nowadays that are extremely helpful to students. There are apps that are designed to help improve one’s vocabulary and grammar. I recently came across this article here that talks about the ways to use technology to improve success in college students and I found it really interesting. Through this article, students can learn making a good use of technology for their own benefits. You will learn a lot from this article, check this out:

7 Ways to Use Tech to Improve College Student Success | EDUCAUSE.edu

http://www.educause.edu/blogs/kvogt/7-ways-use-tech-improve-college-student-successEducational attainment, academic achievement, student persistence, learning and development, and college completion. The success of college students is getting more attention these days with rising expectations, greater accountability (yet shrinking budgets), and dismal statistics, like this one:

Only about one of every four community college students who take a remedial course graduates within eight years.

The reality we face in higher education today invites different approaches to promote student success.

That’s what NGLC is all about. Our first challenge to the field was to find ways to bring to scale those different approaches—and even more specifically, technology-enabled innovations that promote student success in higher education. Via educause.edu

I will be posting more interesting articles here especially those that are extremely helpful to students and even those who are preparing for an exam. I’ve been doing a lot of research recently and I hope that you keep yourself updated with my post by visiting this website.

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