I used to have a childhood best friend who came from Asia and knew only a few English words. If you are asking how we became good friends, then let me tell you our story. We went to school together and play games during free time. It seemed that we understood each other in certain ways that it only required a few English words for us to communicate and talk. However, after a few months he was able to speak English quite well. He called me up yesterday because he was inviting me for his wedding in Asia. He said it would be nice to have me there. He is a online English tutor and a full-time sales supervisor at a Car company. When I teach my students about English fluency, I always mention to them how easy it can be to learn speaking the language. Anyway, I hope you’ll like this helpful article!

How to Speak English Fluently If You Do Not Do So at Present

http://spokenenglishindia.com/how-to-speak-english-fluently/How to speak English fluently is more a question of the psychology of English speaking than it’s that of your knowledge of the language. Fluency comes from the cultural familiarity with the language or, in other words, being at home with the culture of the language at the level of having verbally interacted enough to one or more of those who are fluent enough to induce the same fluency in your speaking pattern through interaction with them.

The main challenges that people face when they want to know how to speak English fluently are:

1. Lack of Spontaneity – You think twice before you take an action. The same trait of your personality controls your action of speaking as well. . Via spokenenglishindia.com

Learning how to speak English fluently is not that difficult at all but it does take a lot of time and hard work. If you want more tips on how to speak English, you may continue checking my website for more updates. You may also visit here http://ieltsjon.com to improve your English language proficiency skills. 

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