Having great English skills can bring many advantages especially for companies. I’ve always taught my students to consider their efforts in learning the English language a significant step in building their future career. I was amazed when they write my discussion post because it felt like this was exactly what I’ve been teaching my students about.

English Skills are Key for Great Company-Wide Collaboration

http://www.globalenglish.com/blog/2014/09/18/english-skills-are-key-for-great-company-wide-collaboration/Working in teams and collaborating are two of the most important and beneficial skills of a modern professional, no matter where he or she is located in the world. Employees who can work together and create positive results are incredibly valuable to a business.While the need to collaborate locally will always exist, there’s a growing demand for businesspeople to work together remotely, whether with fellow staff on the other end of a continent or halfway across the globe. The continually progressing globalization of the world’s economy means that a greater emphasis is being placed on international teamwork than ever before. Businesses that can facilitate collaboration between their employees will have a better chance of solving problems and finding new business efficiencies. Of course, this is only true if the differences between different cultures and languages can be removed.

With the overwhelming majority of large companies and growing startups choosing English as the standard for international communication, it’s not just an advantage to use the language; It’s a serious operational problem to be without a staff who can speak it. Via globalenglish.com

To those who want to master the English language, here is an example of an article that teaches the steps in improving English language proficiency. Check it out:


http://cisl.edu/wordpress/lessons/how-to-continue-improving-your-english-skills-after-studying-at-cisl.htmStudying English at CISL and living in California is the perfect way to learn English, but sadly, we can’t live in California and be English students forever! Many students are afraid of “losing” the English skills they perfected while studying English in San Diego or San Francisco; however, if you follow these suggestions, you can keep your English skills sharp even while living in a non-English speaking country.

English shouldn’t be something you sit down and study for a few minutes each day: it should be something you incorporate into your life so that you are often seeing and using English words. Dedicate small parts of your day to the English language with some of these ideas:

Do you like to play soccer? Try joining a soccer team with English speaking players! Do you like to cook? Buy a cookbook in English! Watch your favorite shows and movies in English or with English subtitles, or try reading your favorite book in English. (Hey, you already know the story, right?) Via cisl.edu

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